Waverider Vecima Repair Service

Waverider offers one of the leading Non-Light-Of-Sight (NLOS) broadband products. Waverider provides a variety of wireless broadband networks able to serve just a few subscribers, entire communities, or to expand your existing networks. They provide a cost-effective wireless system that can help you meet your business objectives and above. Unfortunately, equipment breaks and you have two options: You can go to the manufacturer and ask for a repair which they may not do and if they do can take months to complete or, you can use SWGinc.net!

Waverider Vecima Repair Service

Waverider Vecima Repair Service

Why Choose SWG Waverider Repair Services?

  1. We do not charge for radios that we cannot repair.
  2. 10 Business day turnaround.
  3. All products are repaired by our in-house technicians and defaulted to factory specs.
  4. Every radio we repair is backed with our no hassle 6 month warranty!

SWG Repair Services also offer convenient rush repair services too. The cost is $50 per radio and guaranteed to be completed in under 48 hours from the time it arrives. Please contact us if you would like more information.

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Waverider Vecima Repair Services & Pricing

  • Waverider EUM Repair – $75 Per Unit
  • Waverider CCU Repair – $199 Per Unit
  • Waverider EUM 3006 Dongle Replacement – $15 Per Unit
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